معرض ليبيا للمياه وتقنياتها 2024

Libya Water-tech Expo 2024

In Libya, water technologies stand out in their significance, playing a crucial role in advancing water resources and ensuring the efficient provision of clean and safe water for communities. 

We take pride in presenting a distinctive exhibition that showcases the latest water technologies in Libya, contributing to building a more sustainable and healthy future for all.


can expect to explore a diverse range of exhibits highlighting advancements in water purification, desalination, irrigation, and sustainable water resource management.

The exhibition

brings together experts, industry leaders, and innovators who will share insights and demonstrate practical solutions that address the evolving challenges in water sustainability.

Water Management in Libya

Libya has deployed enormous investments in the water sector to mobilize water resources to meet the country’s growing water demand for domestic, agricultural, and industrial sectors. Read More

Exhibition's Sectors

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